74th Golden Globe: Hollywood admires itself with La La Land

Golden Globes 2017: It Was Another Day Of Sun!

The 74th Golden Globe on January 8, 2017 celebrated itself and Hollywood with “La La Land”, a film about Hollywood, L.A, and   the promise land of hope and dreams come true! The golden Globe website proudly announces “A record seven Golden Globes for La La Land!. A first Dreams come true for dreamers.” The film wrote and made by Damien Chazelle , beats the previous records of 6 awards by “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” of 1975 and “Midnight express” of 1978 and  of 5 awards of “Doctor Zhivago” of 1965, “Love Story” of 1970, “The Godfather” of 1972, and “A Star is born” of 1976!  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association prizes itself and the dreamland of Hollywood by awarding the most to their “La La Land” as their well presented symbol for the promotion of their cause to the foreign lands outside US, the initial and continuing reason of their foundation!

Damien Chazelle  who could not believe it himself and his previous better film, “Whiplash” was not nominated for the best film last year, called the whole frenzy at the award ceremony as “insane”! And the ecstatic producers of the film announce “We need such films now more than ever” perhaps to create empty hopes and dreams in the “La La Land” of Hollywood! These are said and done while Meryl Streep in receiving the life achievement awards, delivers one of her best speech as a wake up call to American politics and people. Again Golden Globe like Oscars recognizes and awards the content and not the process of filmmaking, and a content not enlightening and vital for the time, but deceiving and distracting.

Golden Globe and its voting members perhaps awarded the film for reminding themselves of the great old classic films  that “La La Land” indirectly paid homage to, such as “Singin’ in the rain”, “An American in Paris”, or Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals, or even on the dream content side to “It’s a wonderful life” and alike. But they had a better choice of paying tribute to the old time, by having recognized “Nocturnal Animals” of Tom Ford, for reminding the expert viewers of classics of “Alfred Hitchcock” , “Cape Fear” and “Natural Born Killers”. Perhaps it is not the best time to recognize such violent film as “Nocturnal Animals” as the world and the United States of America is safe and in good hands with no killings or terrors on every corner! What Malcolm X has said years ago still hold the truth and not the deception created and distributed by La La Land: “We don’t see any American dream. We’ve experienced only the American nightmare.” 

Lastly the Golden Globe in their 74th ceremonies reprimanded for their last year not having recognized any black filmmakers and artists, so this time awarded the “Moonlight” as an apology to their last year mistake that was criticized by some to be “racist”! Alas that is all politics and fashion and these awards have nothing to do with the real art making, and real artists!         


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