The Greatest Filmmakers of All Time

Based on the ranking of the greatest films of all time in this site, the following list of the greatest filmmakers of all time has been made. The points have been counted from the greatest films (in red color) and the higher the film, the more points given, but the greater films (in green) and the great films (in blue) have been counted as well, to differentiate among the filmmakers whose career has been prolific and the directors who have made only one greatest film.

Ranking Points Filmmaker For the Films
1 315 + 2G Charles Chaplin  

The Kid/The Gold Rush / The Circus/ City lights/Modern Times/The Great Dictator
2 188 + 2G +5 B Ingmar Bergman    


Persona/The Seventh Seal/ Wild Strawberries/ The Virgin Spring/ Through a Glass Darkly/ Winter Light/ Shame/ The Passion of Anna/ Cries and Whispers/ Fanny and Alexander/ Saraband
3 177 + 1 B D.W.Griffith              

The Birth of a Nation/ Intolerance/ America
4 141 Victor Fleming    

The wizard of Oz/Gone with the Wind
5 134 + 2G John Ford

The informer/ Stagecoach/The Grapes of Wrath/ How Green was my Valley
6 117 + 1B Michel Powell

The life and Death of Colonel Blimp                        The Red Shoes              Peeping Tom
7 114 + 1G + 1B John Huston

The Treasure of Sierra Madre                                        The African Queen              The man who would be King                                       Moby Dick
8 114 + 1G William Wyler
The Best Years of Our Lives Roman Holiday          Wuthering Heights
9 112 + 4B Sydney Lumet

12 Angry Men               Serpico                                     Dog Day Afternoon Network                                   The Verdict                                 A Stranger Among Us        Night falls on Manhattan
10 108 + 1G Billy Wilder   


Double Indemnity            Some Like It Hot                   The Apartment
11 107 + 1G + 3B Elia Kazan

Gentleman’s agreement        A Streetcar Named Desire On the waterfront              Rebel Without a Cause       Splendor in the grass America America
12 100 + 1 G + 1 B Sergei Eisenstein 

Battleship Potemkin       Strike                               Alexander Nevsky
13 99 + 1G Dziga Vertov        

Man with a movie camera     Three songs about Lenin
14 98 + 1G + 1B Fritz Lang           

Harariki                       Metropolis                                   M
15 97 +3G + 1B Vittorio De Sica   

Bicycle Thieves              Umberto D.                               Two Women                Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow   The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
16 96 + 4 G + 1B Akira Kurosawa   

Rashomon                       Ikiru                                          Seven Samurai             Yojimbo                                     Dersu Uzala                           Dreams
17 97 + 1G + 3B Francis Ford Coppola

Godfather Part II/I         Apocalypse Now                    The Cotton Club                      The Godfather Part III           Jack                                               The Rainmaker
18 94 + 2G Mikhail Kalatozov

The Cranes are flying           The Unsent Letter                       I am Cuba
19 93 + 3G Andrei Tarkovsky

Ivan’s Childhood                Andrei Rublev                      Mirror                                   Nostalghia
20 92 + 4 G +3B Federico Fellini      

The White Sheik                      La Strada                            Nights of Cabiria                       La Dolce Vita                                 8 1/2                                      Fellini’s Satyricon        Roma                                Amarcord
21 90 + 1 G + 2B Sergio Leone       

For a Fistful of Dollars          The Good,The Bad and The Ugly                                             Once Upon a Time in The West                                         Once Upon a Time in America
22 79 + 7 G + 2B Luis Bunuel               


Un Chien Andalou (Andalusian Dog)                    L’Age d’Or                                    Land without bread                Los Olvidados                    Viridiana                                     Belle de Jour                         Tristana                                        The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie                              The Phantom of Liberty      The Obscure Object of Desire
23 78 + 9B Steven Spielberg
Jaws                                             Close Encounters of the Third Kind                                        Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark                                        E.T.                                                 Empire of the Sun           Schindler’s List                Jurassic Park        Amistad                                 Saving private Ryan                  A.I. (Artificial Intelligence       War Horse                            Lincoln
24 75 + 1G + 1B Jean Renoir

Nana                                               La Grand Illusion                       The Rules of the Game
25 72 + 1G Marcel Carne      

Le Jour se leve               Children of Paradise
26 65 + 2B Orson Welles       

Citizen Kane                        Macbeth                              Othello
27 61 + 2G Roberto Rossellini

Rome, Open City               Germany Year Zero                     Il generale Della Rovere
28 45 +1 G+ 4B Michelangelo Antonioni

L’Avventura                                     La Notte                           L’Eclisse                                         Red Desert                              Blow-up                                         The Passenger
29 43 + 1G+ 2B Robert Wise

The Day the Earth Stood Still                                                    West Side Story                        The Sound of Music           
30 40 + 6 G + 9B Martin Scorsese

Mean Streets                                Alice doesn’t live here anymore                                          Taxi Driver                                   New York, New York            Raging Bull                                      The King of Comedy            After Hours                                   The Last Temptation of Christ Goodfellas                                    Cape Fear                                         The Age of Innocence            Gangs of New York                     The Aviator                                   The Departed                                  Shutter Island                    Hugo                                               The Wolf of Wall Street
31 36 + 2G Costa-Gavras

Z                                                   State of Siege                        Missing
32 37 + 1B Sam Peckinpah

Straw dogs                              Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia
33 25 + 4G + 3B Stanley Kubrick

Paths of Glory                     Spartacus                                  Lolita                                Dr.Strangelove                       2001: A Space Odyssey           The Shinning                                Full Metal Jacket                      Eyes Wide Shut
34 27+ 2B Alan J. Pakula

All the President’s Men         Sophie’s Choice                       Klute
35 24 + 1G + 1B Giuseppe Tornatore

Cinema Paradiso                      The Legend of 1900            Malena
36 23 + 4B Pedro Almodovar

Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown                      All About My Mother              Volver                                      Broken Embraces                    Julieta
37 21+ 1G + 2B Robert Zemeckis

Back to the Future                Forest Gump                   Contact                                       Cast Away
38 19 + 1B Roberto Benigni

Life is Beautiful                     Pinocchio
39 18 + 1G + 1B Majid Majidi

Children of Heaven                  Baran                         Muhammad: The Messenger of God
40 17 + 1G + 1B Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Amores perros (1/3)/ 21 Grams (1/3)/Babel(1/3)         Birdman                                         The Revenant
41 15 + 4 G + 6B Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Boycott                                           The Peddler                                   The Cyclist                                Marriage of the Blessed           Once Upon a Time, Cinema                                     Hello Cinema              Gabbeh                           Kandahar                                    Sex & Philosophy                          The Gardner                                  The President
42 12 + 1 G + 2B Samira Makhmalbaf

The Apple                   Blackboards                                    At Five in the afternoon              Two Legged Horse
43 5 + 3B Mohammad Rasoulof

Iron Island                                   The White Meadows            Goodbye (Be Omid-e Didar)     A man of integrity



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