The Greatest Films of All Time

Almost all available films in English or with English subtitles from the early years of inception of cinema in this list have been diligently reviewed. Since the originality criteria is very important and could affect the other criteria of technicality, impact and survival, this review has been so far until the year 1955. The following films that have been on some greatest films lists or have been ranked high or awarded by different organizations, have been particularly more carefully watched and reviewed. the films in blue color have been great, but not the greatest to be in our list, and the film in red color have been the greatest films of all time in our list:

1915:The Birth of a Nation


1920:The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

1921:The Kid

1922:Nanook of the North


1925:The Battleship Potemkin /The Gold Rush

1927:Metropolis  /Wings/Sunrise: A song of two humans /The Jazz singer /Berlin: Symphony of a great city

1928:The Crowd/The passion of Joan of arc /The last command/The circus

1929:Man with a movie camera /Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog)/Pandora’s box /Broadway melody

1930:All quiet on the western front /Earth/L’age d’or/The blue angel/A’ propos de Nice

1931:Dracula/City lights/Grand Hotel/M/Cimarron/Frankenstein

1932:Cavalcade/A farewell to arms/Trouble in paradise/Freaks/Boudu saved from drowning/Scarface/Grand Hotel

1933:Baby face/King Kong /Duck soup/42ndstreet/Zero for conduct/Don Quixote/Land without bread/The Invisible Man

1934:/L’Atlante/It’s a gift/Three songs about Lenin/It happened one night

1935:/The 39 steps/Triumph of the will/The informer/The Bride of Frankenstein/A night at the opera/Top hat

1936:Modern times /The great Ziegfeld /Camille/The crime of Monsieur Lange/Swing time/Night mail

1937:La Grand illusion /Pepe le Moko? /Snow white and the seven dwarfs /Humanity and paper balloons/The awful truth

1938:Alexander Nevsky/The lady vanishes/Pygmalion/You can’t take it with you/Olympia/Jezebel/The Adventures of Robin Hood

1939:Le jour se leve /The rules of the game/The wizard of Oz /Gone with the wind /Stagecoach/Ninotchka/Wuthering heights

1940:Fantasia/The great dictator /The grapes of wrath /Rebecca/Pinocchio/The Philadelphia Story

1941:Citizen Kane /The Maltese Falcon/How green was my valley /Sullivan’s Travels /The Lady Eve

1942:Casablanca /The magnificent Ambersons/Mrs. Miniver/Listen to Britain

1943:The life and death of colonel Blimp /Titanic /Shadow of a Doubt

1944:Going my way/Double indemnity /Gaslight/Meet Me in St. Louis/Laura/Arsenic and old lace

1945:Brief encounter/The lost weekend/Spellbound/Children of paradise/Detour/Rome, Open City

1946:The best years of our lives /It’s a wonderful life/The turning point/Notorious/My darling Celmantine/Beauty and the beast? /Gilda/A diary for Thimothy/The Killers

1947:Gentleman’s agreement/Out of the past

1948:The Fallen idol /Bicycle thieves /The treasure of Sierra Madre /Hamlet/Monsieur Vincent/Letter from an unknown woman/Red River/The red shoes/Macbeth/Germany year zero/La Terra Trema/Le sang des betes

1949:Kind hearts and coronets/The Third Man /All the king’s men/Late spring

1950:Rashomon/All about Eve/Sunset Blvd./The walls of Malapaga/The asphalt jungle/In a lonely place/Orphee/Los Olvidados

1951:Miss Julie/A streetcar named Desire /An American in Paris/The African Queen /Diary of a country priest/The River

1952:Forbidden games/Ikiru/The importance of being earnest/Umberto D. /The white sheik/High noon/The quiet man/The moor of Venice/Don Camillo/Limelight/Singin’ in the rain

1953:M.Hulot’s holiday/ Ugetsu/The wages of fear/Tokyo story/The war of the worlds/Julius Caesar/Shane/From here to eternity/The robe/ Roman holiday/The earrings of Madame De../The wild on/I Vitteloni/ Gate of Hell

1954:Seven Samurai/La Strada/On the waterfront/Journey to Italy/Rear window/Godzilla/ Twenty-four eyes/Johnny guitar/Sansho the Bailiff/A Star is born/Sabrina/Seven brides for seven brothers

1955:Richard III/Summertime/Pather Panchali/Oklahoma/Rebel without a cause /Samurai, the legend of Musashi/Smiles of a summer night/The night of the hunter/Les diaboliques/Marty/East of Eden/To catch a thief