The Greatest Films of all time-Trailers

1-The Battleship Potemkin: Sergie Eisenstein-1925-USSR

2-Man with a movie camera: Dziga Vertov -1929-USSR

3-Metropolis:Fritz Lang-1927-Germany

4-Bicycle Thieves: Vitoria De Sica-1948-Italy

5-Rashomon:Akira Kurosawa-1950-Japan

6-Singin’ in the Rain: Gene Kelly/Stanley Donen-1952-USA

7-The Cranes are flying: Mikhail Kalatazov-1957-USSR

8-Ivan’s Childhood:Andrei Tarkovsky-1962-USSR

9-81/2: Federico Fellini-1963-Italy

10-Persona: Ingmar Bergman-1966-Sweden

11-Once upon a time in America-Sergio Leone-1984-Italy

12-The birth of a nation-D.W.Griffith-1915-USA


14-The cabinet of Dr. Caligari: Robert Wiene-1920-Germany

15-The Kid:Charles Chaplin-1921-USA


16-Greed:Eric von Stroheim-1924-USA

17-The Gold Rush: Charles Chaplin-1925-USA

18-Wings: William Wellman-1927-USA

19-Sunrise:The song of two humans- F.W.Murnau-1927-USA

20-The Jazz Singer:Alan Crosland-1927-USA

21-The passion of Joan of Arc: Carl Theodore Dryer-1928-France

22-Un Chien Andalou (The Andalusian Dog): Luis Bunuel-Spain-1929

23-All quiet on the western front: Lewis Milestone-1930-USA

24-King Kong: Merian Cooper/Ernest Schoedsack-1933-USA

25-Modern times:Charles Chaplin-1936-USA

26-La Grand Illusion:Jean Renoir-1937-France

27-Pépé le Moko: Julien Duvivier-1937-France

28-Snow White and the seven dwarfs-Walt Disney-1937-USA

29-Le jour se lève:Marcel Carné-1939-France

30-The Wizard of OZ:Victor Fleming-1939-USA

31-Gone with the wind: Victor Fleming-1939-USA

32-The Great Dictator:Charles Chaplin-1940-USA

33-The Grapes of Wrath:John Ford-1940-USA

34-Citizen Kane: Orson Welles-1941-USA

35-How green was my valley: John Ford-1941-USA

36-Sullivan Travels: P.Sturges-1941-USA

37-Casablanca: Michael Curtiz-1942-USA

38-The life and death of colonel Blimp: Michael Powell-1943-England

39-Double Indemnity: Billy Wilder-1944-USA

40-Rome, Open City: Roberto Rosellini-1945-Italy

41-The best years of our lives: William Wyler-1946-USA

42-The Killers: Richard Siodmak-1946-USA

43-The treasure of Sierra Madre: John Huston-1948-USA

44-The third man: Carol Reed-1949-England

45-African Queen: John Huston-1951-USA

46-A Streetcar named Desire: Elia Kazan-1951

47-Roman Holiday: William Wyler-1953-USA

48-Gate of Hell:Teinosuke Kinugasa- 1953- Japan

49-On the Waterfront: Elia Kazan-1954-USA

50-Burmese Harp: Kon Ichikawa-1956-Japan


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